Artistic Director Grace Sellwood has been busy choreographing two new works this year. Read below for more details, and for where you can see them!


An insight into the life of Charlotte Luke, aged 24. What really makes her tick? What makes her...well, her? Can you deconstruct someone to the bare bones of who they are in 20 mins? 

An electric mix in snippets of her memories, collections and experiences as we join Charlotte in her life at the age of 24.

A 2019 Commission from Charlotte Luke (DYCP - ACE funded)

Choreography: Grace Sellwood in collaboration with Charlotte Luke

Directed by: Grace Sellwood

Performed by: Charlotte Luke

Voiceover: Ollie McFarlane


Six women, with an average age of 51 between them, all on different paths, and at different stages of that path. Take a glance into their lives to see, similarities, differences, quirks, habits, memories, poems they can never forget, and some stubborn personality traits. 

If there was one thing you could describe as you, what would it be?

With a collective age of 307 years, dive into 6 individuals lives, which one is more like you?

Choreography: Grace Sellwood in collaboration with the dancers

Direction: Grace Sellwood

Performed By: Tamsin Blight, Clare Lowry, Chalotte Luke, Yael Matt, Jilly Slater & Cathy Whitmore

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