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Freefall offer a range of


classes for a range of different experiences and backgrounds, all rooted in dance and/ or movement


Our aim is to try and get as many people moving and dancing as possible, and creating a warm and welcoming community along the way!

Please browse below and see if anything tickles your fancy - any questions, please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you!


Begins w/c 08/01/24

Join us part way through too!

photo: John Freddy Jones


ELEVATE // (Open Plus+)

Continue on your dance journey and develop your joy of dance with this welcoming class

Join our energising Monday night class!


Our ELEVATE classes take you through some of the basic techniques to help build strength through dance, but ultimately concentrate on the momentum, swing and joy that dance brings. Alongside the specific dance training, expect short sequences that create flow and suspension and flight through the body.

Aimed at: people returning to dance/ have some or more movement experience, upwards.

We pride ourselves in warm welcome and expert teaching. Fly through the space, fall with momentum & meet like-minded people - come and dance with us!

MONDAYS 18.45 - 20:15

AMATA, Penryn Campus, Falmouth University


Start your dance journey or return to dance with this welcoming class


Our Open Level classes are a perfect place to start your dance journey, return to dance, and find the joy of moving! We will take you through some of the basic techniques to help build strength through dance, but ultimately encourage you to leap, fly through the space and enjoy moving in a supportive atmosphere. 

Aimed at: people who want to begin their dance journey, or returning to dance, upwards

We pride ourselves in warm welcome and expert teaching. Discover or reconnect with the joy dance brings & meet like-minded people - come and dance with us!

TUESDAYS 18.45 - 20:15

AMATA, Penryn Campus, Falmouth University


Continue your training, keep connected with your body & other dancers


Professional dancers of Cornwall and beyond - this is for you!

These classes aim to continue your technical and creative self as dancers. The classes are aimed at honing skills, re-remembering techniques that may have slipped the mind, and challenging the body and keeping dance fit, ready for projects, auditions and teaching. A variety of local Dance Practitioners will lead classes through the term in order to give you ta breadth of skill sets to enjoy.


Aimed at: professional dancers, teachers, practitioners & graduates, however, we do welcome 2nd & 3rd year dancers in full time training.


18.30 - 20:00




A fun dose of strength & stretch to start your day off in the right way!


A quick dose of exercise to get you up ready to roll for your day, including aerobic conditioning, cardio, arms abs & leg strengthening and a basic stretch to finish. The aim - simply to get your endorphins running and to energise you for your day ahead!

Aimed at: any adult who needs a kick start to their day! No movement/ fitness experience required!


07:30 - 08:00

ZOOM (no need to leave you front room, or pjs!)


Balancing fun & fitness, One Plie at a Time! 

Pilates Barre Fusion is a dynamic and energetic workout that combines the principles of Pilates with the sculpting and elongating techniques of Ballet barre. Guided by our experienced instructors, you'll embark on a journey to improve your core stability, muscle endurance, and posture whilst leaving each class feeling strong and empowered!

Aimed at: everybody! You don't have to be a ballet dancer to come - multiple options available through class to push as much as you would like!



17.30 - 18:30

AMATA, Penryn Campus, Falmouth University OR ZOOM



We primarily offer block bookings i.e. booking for a whole term. This is due to the naturally evolving nature of the class, building on strength, stamina & sequences, as well as giving our small company financial security. This means, there are no refunds for missed classes. However we may be able to fit you in to an alternative class depending on space/ level (if we are told at least 24 hours in advance of your absence)

Blocks usually run in blocks of 10x weeks (with half term after 5 weeks) roughly in line with School terms. Dates of the terms are found under the event information on the 'Booking A Class' page (make sure you click on 'Read More' on the info page)


Sometimes people discover classes part way through our block of classes, it is absolutely possible to join us, and come for the rest of the block. Drop us an email!

Drop ins are also possible if there is space - just drop us an email!


If you are unsure of what class or level you wish to book onto, please don't hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to advise you. We are a friendly company, and warmly welcome you into our classes and Freefall family. Get in touch!


Bounce Cards are available for our Dance Classes only, the way they work is that you book and pay for 5 classes, and come to any 5 classes across our 10 week term. That way, you still get a discount, but maintain the flexibility on dates!

Simply check the box, when booking, which says 'Bounce Card'. You can attend either Open Level or Open Plus+ Dance with this card.


As we are a small and unfunded Community Interest Company, we unfortunately cannot offer refunds for classes/ missed classes. If you are ill for a week, we can offer an alternative class or a recorded video (if applicable) if you would like. However, if your circumstances are extreme i.e. grieving, bad injury etc. we will do our best to reimburse you for any classes not yet attended. To be used at the discretion of the Artistic Director.


As we are a small business, as well as active freelancers with multiple jobs, and therefore may take a couple of working days to respond to your email. We are trying ton implement a healthy work/ life balance, so will not always respond to emails or enquiries at the weekend. Many thanks for your support.

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